Unleash the Power of Togetherness with SoBoMi Life’s Small Group Coaching

Indulge in the collective strength of shared goals and mutual support through our Group Coaching sessions. Together, we propel each other toward lasting wellness.

Included in the Group Coaching Package:

  • Small Group Sessions

Experience the synergy of personalized coaching within a supportive community of up to 4 individuals.

  • (8) 30-minute Weekly Video Conference Sessions

Engage in immersive video sessions, fostering connection and shared growth.

  • Recipe Suggestions

Delight your taste buds with curated recipe suggestions tailored to your wellness goals.

  • Exercise Suggestions

Elevate your fitness routine with personalized exercise recommendations.

  • Access to Text/Email Support

Stay connected with continuous support for those moments when you need it the most.

  • Learn about Journaling-101

Track your progress and relish the collective victories with daily journaling.