Dr. Kavita helped change my perception of meals and wellness through her personalized approach. Growing up and while raising my children, I wasn’t a frequent snacker, and my primary meal every day was dinner. Dr. Kavita taught me how to integrate small frequent meals into my diet to keep me full for longer and keep my metabolism running. She took into account my likes and dislikes and provided me with meal ideas that were healthy. Furthermore, she worked with me as a team member and was receptive to my suggestions and found ways to integrate some of my recipes into the personalized meal plans that she developed with me. She provided me with delicious recipes that my daughters and husband continue to ask me to make; her recipes are now part of our meal rotation. Dr. Kavita also helped me develop an exercise regimen that accounted for my injuries and international travel needs. She also continues to be a great team member and periodically checks in on me and my progress. It was a pleasure to work with her and learn from her as I embarked on my journey towards overall wellness.


Kavita is a very passionate individual, who inspired me take up running to stay fit. She encouraged me to sign up for my 1st, half-marathon 3 years ago, and since then she has been by my side, supporting me, through several half-marathons.
Aside from being knowledgeable in the technical aspects running such as stretching, injury prevention and nutrition, she is also very understanding of the emotional component that is required for running.

Mental toughness is so critical, and there’s no question that Kavita’s prior experience enabled her to help guide, support, and motivate me to reach my ultimate goal. Recently, I ran my 1st full marathon in better time than I ever dreamed of! I am forever grateful to Kavita for motivating me to take the 1st step that led me to achieve more than I ever thought was possible!”

“Joining the SoBoMi program was an eye opening experience that changed my perspective on the importance of an integrative lifestyle. Its nonrestrictive structure holds you accountable and provides the tools and support needed to make a lasting impact. Through this program, I have became more conscious about healthy eating and making small changes that I plan to implement for myself and my family moving forward. Best choice I’ve ever made!”

Sailesh P, Computer Engineer/Business
“I embarked on the SoBoMi program in January 2022, weighing 180 lbs and grappling with five prescription medications. At that point, the mere thought of hiking, playing tennis, or running seemed like a distant dream. The multitude of programs available in the market promised weight loss, improved diet, and lifestyle changes, yet they all catered to specific categories. SoBoMi stood out as uniquely different; it focused not just on changing lifestyles but on transforming them.

Determined to make a change, I committed wholeheartedly to the program. Its structured nature, spanning 8 weeks, provided detailed schedules for every aspect – from breakfast to dinner, cardio to weight training, and even meditation/yoga. The program’s meticulous planning included detailed recipes tailored to my preferences, revealing the surprising truth that nutritious food could also be delicious.

By the end of the 8-week journey, the transformation was astounding. I weighed in at 159 lbs, felt incredibly energetic, and achieved milestones like running 3 miles three times a week, playing tennis, biking 25 miles, and enjoying long hikes in the mountains. The most gratifying aspect was reducing my prescription medications from 5 to 2. Nearly a year later, I continue to maintain my transformed lifestyle by adhering to the program’s fundamental principles.

Now, a few words about Coach KD, the driving force behind the program’s success. Any program can be thrown at you, but Coach KD’s structured approach, attention to detail, motivational prowess, and profound knowledge of the science behind nutrition and workouts set SoBoMi apart. Weekly meetings and communication were not just informative but inspirational, making me feel supported every step of the way.

Coach KD became an integral part of my life for those 8 weeks, providing encouragement and guidance. Reflecting on my journey, I can confidently say that my life wouldn’t be the same without Coach KD. I wholeheartedly recommend the SoBoMi program to anyone seeking a transformative journey towards better living. It worked for me, and I am immensely grateful. Thank you, SoBoMi.

Tracie L

Dr. Kavita Kansagra is amazing! She helped me to organize my days and to create habits in a way that made sense to me and gave more structure to my daily life. While I didn’t have any specific health issues to address, she helped me to scaffold a plan that included healthy habits such as better eating (with some simple diet change recommendations and wonderful recipes), exercise, and meditation, all of which I incorporated into my daily life over the three months that I worked with her. Her holistic approach is refreshing and encouraging!

Dr. Kansagra has something to offer any person wanting to make lasting improvements, big or small, in his/her life. She met me where I was and targted my specific needs and goals. The changes that I made under her direction have made a huge difference to me and have improved my quality of life! Thank you, Dr. Kansagra!!

Jayshree M, Dental Office Manager

My journey with SoBoMi has been a great success. Joining the VIP program really changed my life. I was struggling with fluctuating blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels and now I can see greatly improved blood pressure readings. I really enjoy cooking but I have to be honest that the recipes designed by Dr. Kansagra really opened my mind to a new way of preparing meals with some of my old ingredients and introducing me to many new ingredients. These recipes were very tasty and definitely much more healthier. I have received a lot of compliments on my newly found way of preparing tastier meals. Dr. Kansagra definitely kept me motivated and accountable throughout my progression in the program. I am sincerely grateful for all that you have done to help me gain better control of my health and wellness. I have made notable changes in my lifestyle which will allow me to enjoy my health and be more active with my lovely grandkids.

Maria H, Nurse

I completed VIP program with Dr. Kansagra about 4 weeks ago. She worked with me in managing my diet and exercise. She worked with me in improving my eating habits and helped me convince that it was all about what I put in my body that would help regulate the problems I was having, specifically, increased fatigue and uncontrollable hypertension. I finally gave in because deep down I knew that she was right. It was hard. Really, really hard, but I could not have done it without her. She is by nature, very warm and encouraging which is exactly what you need when you’re attempting a lifestyle change. She was always there, whether by text, email, or phone call, for a question or allowing me to get frustrated or sad when my body was detoxing from sugar, and never judged.

She taught me to make my health a priority. I take care of few other family members and at times I struggle with “self care and prioritizing my needs.” She helped me establish a solid exercise and eating routine. I have learned new recipes and healthier ways of cooking which has helped improve my blood pressure dramatically and I have started to feel improvement in my postmenopausal symptoms and fatigue. I feel very energetic despite of my long working hours. Dr. Kansagra understands that it’s hard, and that people aren’t perfect. She truly and genuinely cares about the people she works with. She is amazing and you absolutely will not regret working her.

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Kishan P, Business
I recently had the pleasure of working with SoMoBi, and I must say that the results have been incredible. From the moment I started the program, I felt a sense of motivation and support that I needed.

Dr.Kansagra took the time to understand my personal goals and aspirations, and tailored a program specifically for me. She provided me with valuable knowledge and resources to improve my physical and mental well-being. Her expertise in nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness techniques helped me to make sustainable lifestyle changes that have had a profound impact on my overall health.

Not only did the Dr.Kansagra provide guidance and accountability, but she also offered encouragement and positivity throughout the entire process. Her belief in my ability to achieve my goals pushed me to surpass my own expectations.

I am thrilled to say that as a result of working with Dr.Kansagra, I have experienced increased energy levels, improved sleep, and a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment in my daily life. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking a successful and transformative wellness journey.

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Kartik K, Physician

Program with Dr. Kansagra has been transformative to say the least. I began the program at a time when my life was the busiest and most hectic it has ever been. But with her encouragement I persevered and was able to see the immense benefits.

What I loved about the program the most was it never felt like a program. She made it seem like I was slowly making changes that felt minimal and reasonable. Now 12 weeks later looking back it’s truly amazing how much I have changed physically and mentally. Also, she has such a practical approach that her recommendations and advice were easily applicable. Having learned what she taught me it feels very easy to continue doing what I did during the 12 weeks as I progress on my own now.

It’s evident that she has a strong passion for helping people transform for the better. She also makes herself available at any time to ensure you aren’t taking on this journey alone. I cannot wait to continue building on all the knowledge she has given me and see what amazing results await in 2024.

Brinda K, Dentist
I am thrilled to share my incredible journey with my health coach, Dr. Kavita Kansagra. Working with her has been a transformative experience that has positively impacted every aspect of my life. Before I started this journey, I was struggling with my health and wellness goals, feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. With 3 little children and a full time job, there was no time for my health as a priority.

Coach Kavita provided me with personalized guidance, support, and a wealth of knowledge that empowered me to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Her expertise in nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being made a significant difference in my physical and mental health. She took the time to understand my individual needs, challenges, and goals, creating a tailored plan that was both realistic, achievable, and attainable.

What sets Dr. Kansagra apart is not just her knowledge but also her genuine care and commitment to my success. The ongoing encouragement, motivation, and accountability I received played a crucial role in keeping me on track. She didn’t just focus on the short-term results; they instilled in me a mindset for long-term health and wellness.

Through regular check-ins, informative sessions, and a compassionate approach, she helped me develop healthier habits that have become a seamless part of my daily life. I have experienced an overall improvement in my energy levels, mood, and self-confidence. My kids now encourage me to spend time on my workouts and see a more energetic side of me that keeps up with them.

I highly recommend Coach Kavita to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable health coach. This program has made a profound impact on my well-being. Thank you, for guiding me towards a healthier and happier version of myself!

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Mayuri D, Pharmacist

Kavita worked closely with my Dad to customize a health plan that fit his needs. She understood his goals and created a plan he could stick to. She reviewed his medical records thoroughly and assisted with coordinating care with his providers. Repeat bloodwork showed an improved cholesterol and he was able to reduce his blood pressure medications. She continues to provide the same patience and care and is available to answer any questions he may have. Thankful to have Kavita in our corner!

Banshri, Medical Student
Joining the SoBoMi community was probably one of the best decisions I have made. Admittedly, my experience with health and wellness had never been consistent. I was always finding myself making excuses about why I couldn’t work out or cook as a student, and more often than not I would be overwhelmed by all my responsibilities. After completing the 8-week program with Dr. K, I can confidently say my life has changed for the better.

Dr. K helped me find my confidence again. Every day she challenged me with new perspectives and pushed me to create a strong foundation both mentally and physically. Now that I have completed the program, I have more clarity and control over my thoughts. Weekends used to be so overwhelming for me because I constantly worried about the seemingly endless responsibilities the following week would bring. My entire perspective has changed and now I feel confident in my abilities to balance school and family/friends, without sacrificing my wellbeing. Making movement and mindfulness a daily priority has improved my focus, calmed my anxious thoughts, and helped me discover the things I love about life. Without the encouragement from Dr. K, I would have never discovered my love for spin class—something that has easily become my favorite part of the week. I have never felt more confident in my skin and proud of what I do. I am forever grateful for Dr. K and the SoBoMi community for empowering me to live a healthier life.

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