Meet the Compassionate Founder, Dr. Kavita Kansagra.

From the depths of my earliest memories, a profound sense of purpose drove me to dedicate my life to helping others.

My journey began with immigration from India to the welcoming shores of sunny California during my formative years. Across the United States and Europe, I cultivated adaptability, mindfulness, and empathy—values that remain at the core of who I am today.

Several years ago, a pivotal moment unfolded. A stellar career, a beautiful family, and a dreamy home—yet an inexplicable void persisted. Despite seemingly having it all, I felt hollow. Lost in this emotional abyss, I struggled to connect with others, witnessed unwanted physical changes, and grappled with motivation loss. It was as if I was sleepwalking through a life, I thought I should cherish.

Realizing the need for change, I confronted the stark truth. A career built on helping and healing others left me neglecting myself. It was time for a transformation.

I deserved a change, and so the journey began.

I embarked on a journey, starting with a humble run that evolved from struggling down the street to conquering a full marathon. Each precious moment spent running ignited a curiosity within me – ‘What’s next?’ With every milestone, I reclaimed my zest for life, reignited my passion for aiding others, and solidified my commitment to breaking free those ensnared in an unhealthy cycle. Investing in self-growth, I became a Certified Life Coach, armed with knowledge, experience, and an unyielding passion for life transformation, leading to the inception of SoBoMi Life.

Today, I guide individuals, just like you, on a quest to rediscover the joy, passion, and wonder of life. Together, we unravel the potential within your life, obliterate the barriers hindering your progress, and craft a lucid pathway to enduring joy, health, and happiness.

Join me, won’t you?



Dr. Kavita Kansagra is a Board-Certified Family Physician, Health Executive, and Certified Life Coach, is not just a professional; she’s a force of transformative energy. Beyond her role in changing the lives of numerous clients, she dons the hats of a loving mother to three extraordinary children, a devoted wife to an adoring husband, an adventurous spirit, a seasoned marathoner, and a dedicated lifelong learner.

In the realm of health and wellness, Dr. Kavita brings not only expertise but also a personal journey rich in vitality and curiosity. Join her on this empowering odyssey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.